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Print Options & Images


Bespoke style Your photos are unique, and where you'll display them is too. In addition to our own very high quality prints, we use a professional printing lab who produce a wide range of beautifully finished and stylish products. There are some lovely frames available in the high street, but they can't hold a candle to a custom built contemporary mount. If you'd like to see some examples please just ask. Options include: ◇ Canvas – contemporary or traditionally framed, up to 30″ x 24″ ◇ Suspended frames (held clear of the wall, sealed and mounded on aluminium) ◇ Box frames ◇ Cards – for example thank-you cards with a photo of your new baby are very popular and look lovely


Viewing and selecting images Processing and editing the photographs takes around a week. You can either view the images online, or receive a set of smaller images by email which will allow you to pick your favourites. Alternatively we can come to your home with a laptop or iPad and decide which you would like printing and in what way - there really are a lot of options, and sometimes it’s easier to just chat about them.
Gallery quality printing and paper

Whether it's in-house or sent to a print lab, everything we do is custom made.  Colours and sharpening are matched exactly to the media.

For prints up to 48x33cm  (19"x13"), we use our own gallery quality printer and ultra-high quality paper.

You can then frame it yourself, or if you already have one, it's worth letting us print precisely for that frame.  It's more accurate and the image can be cropped in the most appropriate way (and there's no additional charge).

Larger sizes, framing and mounting

Using a professional printing Lab really does give outstanding results.

You can chose between having TrueLight deal with the whole process (including colour correcting and fine-tuning the image), or purchase the DVD and go to them directly – we’ll even tell you who we usually use : C41s Photo Imaging  -  http://www.c41s.co.uk/

Note - C41's usual customers are professional photographers.  They're perfectly happy to deal with individuals, but are closed at weekends and the website is perhaps a little less slick than some more public facing ones.  Rest assured their work is outstanding and we have no hesitation in recommending them.  We have no financial arrangement other than as customers.

Printing your own

The DVD of images is yours to use as you wish, including of course printing your own.  True photo printers really are very good, particularly if you have one which uses pigment inks rather than the more usual dyes (they are much more resilient and shouldn't fade - our system claims up to 200 years colour fastness!)

It's worth using top quality paper and making sure the colours are balanced and natural, but go ahead, it's great to see something you've printed well on the wall or mantelpiece.



Approximate height x width, and closest equivalent paper size

     48 x 33cm      19 x 13"               A3+       £20

     30 x 21cm       12 x 8″                A4         £10

     21 x 15cm          8 x 6″ (7×5)       A5          £4.00

     15 x 10cm         6 x 4″                A6          £2.50

For larger prints please contact us to discuss – it is possible to go up to 100x75cm (40×30″).


Classic frames with borders are still popular, but there are now some excellent contemporary alternatives – box, block. hanging and floating to name a few.   Mounting onto aluminium sheet or embedded in acrylic also looks fantastic.   There are so many options and different suppliers, it’s simpler to discuss requirements and prices at the same time.   The following is therefore for guidance only.

   100 x 75cm         30 x 24 “       £140

     60 x 50cm        24 x 20 “       £100

     40 x 30cm         16 x 12 “         £60

     30 x 25cm          12 x 10″          £40

     25 x 20cm         10 x 8″            £30


Style : who are you?
What music do you like, how do you dress, what do you like to do in your spare time? We’re all different. As it happens, we love the outdoors and nature, and generally chose contemporary styles rather than, for example, antique. Our preference is for natural looking, relaxed, light images. But we know that’s just us. If you prefer dark and moody, dark and moody is fine! There are many situations where a dark background and deep shadows looks great, and it’s all about picking what’s appropriate. Post processing and editing Until a few short years ago, a photographer’s style was mostly about what sort of photos they took, their lighting, and what film they used. Darkrooms allowed some flexibility, but it was expensive and the truth is most people just printed them as they were. Digital cameras and technology has made what you do afterwards a significant part of the process. Some people prefer to do it all 'in-camera’ and hardly touch the image. We have a lot of sympathy for that approach, but a few gentle tweaks can go a long way. Does it matter? Well take a look at these images and see which you prefer:

Some people love a water colour tone, and some prefer vivid colours which leap out of the frame.   Very few photographers give you any choice about which tones and colours you prefer, and we think that’s a shame.

It may well be that you’re happy to leave all this to us, but if you’d like to chat about any of these things we can either arrange a planning session or discuss it at the shoot.

Digital photo frames, tablets, phones, web pages and social media...

The software we use to catalogue and process the images makes it very straightforward to produce another set more suited to different devices and uses.   If you’re happy for the images to discretely show our web address there is no charge at all, otherwise £10.