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There is something magical about caputuring an image, and I love every aspect of it.    It doesn’t really matter whether it’s on black and white film or the finest digital sensors.    Every time the shutter is pressed, a moment of time is captured – and if it’s done well we respond emotionally.

It's easier when it's a new born baby or someone you love, but with enough care the same can be true of a toaster or a boat.

And photographs are some of the most precious things we own.    I’ll always remember a friend who lost her entire home in a hurricane saying that all she really cared about were the photos.

Over the last 25 years (much longer with basic cameras!) I've shot a wide variety of subjects.  Wildlife, landscape, buildings, commercial and even some newspaper work, all of which I enjoy immensely.  But people - especially families - are always very rewarding.

Having two children of my own means I know how they tick, what they’ll enjoy, and when to take a break.   I’ve also worked for many years with children of junior and high school age (CRB / DBA checked), so whatever their age I’ll put them at ease – which always comes across in the photograph.

About me
Ian Thompson


Illustrations by

Jane Eccles